Several readers told us that their Amazon preorder of Cold Trail was canceled.

Cold Trail is not canceled

Katherine is in good health. The book will be released as soon as it’s ready.

Right now, work on Cold Trail is happening in parallel with the rest of the books in the series—Cold FireCold Steel, and Cold Fate—which bring home this chapter in Yamabuki’s life. Cold Trail takes the story in new directions as Yamabuki’s friendship with Tomoe blossoms, while the shinobi assassin Saburo stalks her. As they make their way to the Imperial Capital, Heian-kyō — or Raku, as it’s called by the locals — flashbacks reveal earlier incidents Yamabuki and Saburo experienced there. More soon.

Free signed copy of Cold Blood

As an expression of our gratitude to those who placed preorders of Cold Trail only to have their preorder canceled, we will send you a copy of Cold Blood signed by the author. Just contact us with the particulars and the full mailing address where we should send the copy. Being a small bootstrapped company, we have to limit this offer to the first 50 people and can send only to addresses in the US. (If you’re outside of the US, contact us anyway. We’ll try to figure out something.)

Katherine M. Lawrence has been writing Yamabuki stories for decades

What first caught our eye was a series of novels set several years after the events in Cold Blood et al. At first, we were going to bring out the first of those books, but our test-market readers were somewhat thrown by this formidable woman samurai. After going through Katherine’s archives, we decided to first put out a story about how Yamabuki became who she is. That began as Cold Blood and took on a life of its own.

Our hope and intention is to be able to release Cold FireCold Steel, and Cold Fate in relatively rapid succession after Cold Trail. Being a tiny publisher releasing these books almost guerilla style, without big marketing pushes, we decided to release these books as soon as they’re ready, skipping even the traditional 4–6 months’ lead time making ARCs available.

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