the letter i

Independent Publishing vs. Traditional Publishing

You’ve finally done it—you’ve completed your novel! Now what? The pros and cons of independent and traditional publishing options

 ·  Toot Sweet Ink
the letter e

E is for eBooks

What is a “book” anyway?

 ·  Laura Scott
the letter d

The Disruptive “D”

The channels of distribution are changing, and the old business models are being disrupted.

 ·  Katherine M Lawrence
Cold Sake book cover

Cold Saké release

Our first book release

On Amazon, independent writers and independent bookstores

When it comes to Amazon, the indie books world seems to be divided into two camps: People who hate Amazon because it’s undermining independent bookstores, challenging established publishers’ long-held practices, and rapidly dominating the books marketplace in the US (and elsewhere). People who love Amazon because it is opening the books world to new voices and makes independent publishing easy and affordable. We find ourselves torn over this dichotomy, because it’s so unfair....

 ·  Toot Sweet Ink