Blogging A to Z Challenge

E is for eBooks

For decades, the music industry believed that what they sold were albums (on vinyl and then on CD). When mp3s became a standard electronic file format for audio files, the music studios had no idea what to do. The idea that they were selling music …

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The Disruptive “D”

Publishing is undergoing disruption. Harvard Business School Professor Clayton Christensen introduced the world to his analysis of technological changes in his seminal “The Innovator’s Dilemma,” where be coined the word (and idea) of “disruption.” Long standing firms (incumbents) suddenly lose the power and dominance to …

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Photo of Tattered Cover bookstore

B is for Bookstores

We love bookstores. The smell. The richness. We browse through, hoping for discovery, open to serendipity. What other kind of store carries so much in thought, in ideas, in story? What other sells worlds, adventures and dreams?   [Photo: The Tattered Cover bookstore, one of the …

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Illustration of Yamabuki from Katherine M Lawrence's Sword of the Taka Samurai series

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