Sword of the Taka Samurai book series trailer (and incidentally, sneak-peak cover reveals)

We thought it was long overdue to create some book trailers for Katherine M. Lawrence’s Yamabuki books, so here is the first!

We have not done official cover reveals yet for Cold Fire, Cold Steel, and Cold Fate, so this video offers a sneak peak. But our main goal here is to offer a taste of the atmosphere, setting, and scope of the entire Sword of the Taka Samurai series, Katherine‘s first saga about Taka Yamabuki, a woman warrior who lived in Heian-era Japan and fought in the Genpei War.

Also, the trailer shows there are seven books in this series. Cold Blood, Cold Rain, and Cold Heart are out now, available through your favorite book retailer. Cold Trail is coming soon, currently available for pre-order. (Retailer info is in the links above.) The last three books, Cold Fire, Cold Steel, and Cold Fate, aren’t up yet. Soon. Soon.

The Sword of the Taka Samurai series crescendoes

For us as a small start-up publisher, this series has proven to be a long haul. We released Cold Blood in 2014 and Cold Rain the year after. Cold Heart came out this January. Cold Trail will be out later this year, with Cold Fire, Cold Steel, and Cold Fate not long after that.

From the start, our release plan for this series has been simple: every book no longer than it needs to be; every release no sooner than when it’s ready—but when it is ready, get it out there right away. The upside to this approach is we don’t have to cut bait to an arbitrary deadline. But many will point out that this represents a missed opportunity, and they would be right, for the downside of our approach on these books is that we’ve been losing out on the traditional six-month ARC window that would afford the chance to get the attention of professional book reviewers. As series editor, I’m very proud of Katherine M. Lawrence’s writing—powerful, lyrical, moving—and look forward to the day she garners the literary attention she deserves. With future books, including a standalone novel we are editing now, we will explore other options.

Meanwhile, we will keep putting out the Sword of the Taka Samurai books as soon as they are ready. Readers will note that, as the various storylines layer and weave through one another, the books are getting longer. Cold Blood is a 22k-word novella about young Taka Yamabuki’s first days ever alone on the road, carrying important dispatches to the capital as she discovers a world filled with interesting people and new experiences—when a rapid series of challenges threaten not only her mission but her life. In Cold Rain, at 45k words, she finds herself trapped in a small town, realizing that her life as daughter and only child of a warlord is not anywhere as simple and safe as she had assumed. In Cold Heart, a full-fledged novel at 83k words, Yamabuki must fight for her life as an assassin and a clan bent on vengeance converge upon her. Cold Trail is coming in longer still—yet every bit as rich and exciting, if not more so.

These thumbnail descriptions don’t even touch upon the other characters—Saburo, the assassin hired to kill her; Shima, his teacher (and more); Moroto, Yamabuki’s father determined to make her his heir; Lady Taka, Yamabuki’s mother, whose concern for Yamabuki comes from her own experiences as a warrior; Nakagawa, Yamabuki’s wordly teacher and mentor; Yoshinaka, the disinherited prince who plans rebellion against the Emperor; Tomoe Gozen, the wild young woman warrior every bit as accomplished as Yamabuki; and others yet to come—whose lives touch Yamabuki’s and one another’s in joyous, heartwrenching, and often unexpected ways as their stories converge over matters of life, death, power, honor, fortune, duty, love, and redemption.

We hope you enjoy this epic tale.

PS—More books and book trailers are coming. Stay tuned.


Illustration of Yamabuki from Katherine M Lawrence's Sword of the Taka Samurai series

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