The Colonel's Secret Service

The Colonel's Secret Service


By Laura Lis Scott

A funny, fast-paced, light, heavy, tragic, profound comedy set against the 2016 election season!

Melody Baker is torn

Torn between a career as a PhD in English and her survival job as a parlor maid.

Torn between her loyalty to her Congressman father and to the Colonel, her billionaire employer who is running for US Senate — for the opposing party.
Torn between handsome wealthy men who want to bed her and the women who want to seduce her.

Torn between her New York City apartment and a Hudson River Valley castle.

But events are taking their own course, pulling her from one life into another as the Colonel’s campaign ramps up, challenging her convictions.

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  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-943194-11-7
  • EBook ISBN: 978-1-943194-13-1
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