Nearly nine years ago we built the first iteration of this site using WordPress. At the time, we asked ourselves: Why WordPress? And answered:

We didn’t want this endeavor to get bogged down or waylaid by our love for web development. This is a writing project. This is a publishing project. This is not a web design & development project. This is our little trick towards keeping it that way.

At least for now.

Now we’ve migrated to Hugo for the same reason, only more so. Unlike WordPress, Hugo is not database driven; it does not run programming code on the web server. All the site development is done on the desktop; only web-ready files are deployed live. What you’re reading now is the product of basic HTML, CSS and Javascript. In a way, this is going real old school webdev — static sites like back in the 1990s.

Anyway, having sites powered by WordPress was becoming a sporadic burden. WordPress updates. Plugin updates. Base theme updates. And suddenly something doesn’t display properly — or not at all. We needed a “set and forget” solution.

And here we are.

(While migrating the content, we took the opportunity to weed out some old giveaway announcements and the like.)