Mabel and the Yellow Jackets

Mabel and the Yellow Jackets

To outsiders, she may seem like a nice older “woman who lives next door.” But the redoubtable Mabel is nobody’s fool—and anything but helpless. When a horde of stinging insects invades her space, they experience her wrath.

A short story of 5,200 words.


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In a way like the movie Lady Bird

I bought his book on the strength of its cover. It tells a curious tale of an older woman handling a problem, and it does it beyond stereotypes of gender and age. The more I read, the more I found myself liking Mabel, her strength, her unapologetic recognition of her circumstances, the fact that she doesn’t whine and doesn’t apologize for her curmudgeonly ways. She’s the kind of underrepresented character who tends to fly beneath the radar having reached the age of female invisibility, and it doesn’t seem to bother her one bit. In a way like the movie Lady Bird, this is the story of an unlikely heroine who doesn’t save the world, but rather, her world.

—Eristic, Amazon review