Cold Saké: Yamabuki vs. the Undead

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Not all vengeance is exacted by the living.

In 12th-century Japan, Yamabuki, a young woman samurai, 17 years old, travels deep into the Oku wilderness. Along a lonely road, at a forgotten inn, she seeks shelter, warm food, and cold saké. But as darkness falls, she ends up fighting for her life…and she finds that there are terrible things under heaven that no weapon can vanquish, and that her only way to survive is to heal that which cannot be healed.




A Ghost Story with Heart

Wonderful ghost story to introduce us to Yamabuki, who I predict will become one of the best-known heroines in historical fiction.

—Janet, Amazon review


Fantastic reading …

It has me wanting more of the series I can only hope that she will write more of this character

—Andrew Sng, Amazon review


Skillful, confident

Full of Japanese “warrior spirit”, Yamabuki embodies much of what the original tales of samurai and the feudal era would have given her, making Lawrence’s work feel authentic….I was thoroughly pleased.

–Alex Hurst, eponymous book blog review


Very entertaining

This story is written in an odd style, but I think it might be consistent with the style of Japanese story telling. The way the characters spoke and thought made me think at least a little bit of Memoirs of a Geisha, which is the closest example of Japanese story telling that I have experience with.

This was a really short book, less than 50 pages, so it was a quick read, but it was also very entertaining. I have always enjoyed ghost stories, and ultimately, that’s what this is.

—Katie Harder-schauer, Goodreads

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