Cold Rain: Yamabuki and the Warlord Prince

small image of Cold Rain cover

Cold rain washes runnels of blood past her feet.

Having survived her first sword battle and killed a would-be assassin and a sword master, Yamabuki finds herself moving through a different world. Or is it she herself who has changed? Her warrior mother’s words ring in her ears: “You must prevail. That is the only allowable outcome. No one who you can truly trust will be there to offer you solace. It is something you will bear alone.”

And now, alone, wary and weary, trapped by an unseasonable snowstorm in a lawless town, Yamabuki tries to bring order and peace back to her life, if only for a night. But all is not what it seems.

And others do not seem content to leave her be.

The acclaimed series continues with Book Two of Sword of the Taka Samurai.



Praise for Cold Rain


“Once this series is complete, it will rank with Buffy the Vampire Slayers seasons 8, 9, etc. as a heroic female adventure worth waiting for one installment at a time.”

—Nina G. Wouk, Amazon Review


“I’m really, really enjoying these books. The details the author is providing are just fascinating. Info about traditions, clothes, weapons, lifestyles, and more all transport me to 12th century Japan perfectly.
The story is turning out to be really excellent.”

—Jay Batson


“Again, Lawrence delivers a rich and satisfying tale. Hard for me to chose what I love most about her books though it is probably, her lush descriptions of setting and character. I never feel I am reading her books as much as watching a movie as the story unfolds.”


  • Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-943194-04-9
  • Paperback ISBN: 978-1-943194-03-2
  • EBook ISBN: 978-1-943194-05-6
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