Cold Blood: Yamabuki vs. the Sword Master

In ancient Japan, a land of stunning beauty and unspeakable brutality, a warlord’s only daughter—Yamabuki—trained since childhood as a samurai, must travel through realms controlled by rival factions on a mission known only to her father.

Veiled in the guise of an ordinary warrior, not even revealing that she is female, she crosses the water between two great isles, only to find the passengers are not who they seem. Some want her dead.

Others want her because she’s a woman. She must fight for her honor, her duty, and her clan. Blood will be spilled before it is over.



Reviews of Cold Blood

I highly recommend Cold Blood.

“Cold Blood not only shows you the beginning of Yamabuki’s story as a teenage Samurai, also contrasts her life to that of the woman she would have been had she not opted to tread the warrior’s path. That draws out one of the best elements of historical fiction which is when it educated as well as entertains…. You don’t write an excellent story by accident.”

—Carlyle Clark, Heroines of Fantasy


“I couldn’t put this book down”

Like all the best fantasy, this book creates a world. Each deftly-developed character reveals both another twist of plot and another facet of 12th century Japan. This is the first volume of a series, and it left me wanting more.

—Nina G. Wouk, Amazon review


Daijobu! Well done Samurai story.”

Excellent book . Well told Samurai adventure. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Lawrence’s novels. A must read for lovers of Samurai adventures.”

—HonBakka, Amazon review


Check out a great Author. A great read.”

“I base books on how immersive they are. Ms Lawrence describes in great detail She is very knowledgeable. I feel as if I am right there with the characters.. Thank You Ms Lawrence.”

— John R. Reppy, Amazon review


Loved it!

“A quick read–not only because it’s short but because of Lawrence’s clear, strong writing. This was a great window into Japanese culture. The description was rich and by the end I was caught up in Yamabuki’s quest and felt I understood her character really well too. Can’t wait to read the next one!”

—Cecilia Isaac, Goodreads

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