Our books so far cover two genres: Contemporary Women's Fiction and Historical Fiction.

From Laura Lis Scott comes our newest release, a satirical comedic romp that throws a 29yo woman with a PhD into the (ostensibly temporary) role of maid in New York. A Spy in Stilettos is the first in a series of books that covers a snarky woman's experiences during a political campaign for the US Senate.

Katherine M. Lawrence's books bring us a fascinating samurai adventure set in 12th-century Japan, featuring a unique heroine: Taka Yamabuki, daughter of a daimyo, trained as a samurai. Yamabuki is based on a historical figure, a woman who moved in high circles and played a part in the Genpei War. Filled with adventure, meticulous detail, and magical realism, Lawrence's Yamabuki books bring alive a period of Japan that is filled with breathtaking beauty and unspeakable brutality.