New release: A Spy in Stilettos (A Comedy of Manners, Politics, and a Little Sex)

With this book by Laura Lis Scott, we add a new genre to our mix of titles: the contemporary women's political satire career novel.

Melody Baker desperately needs a job.
She gets one as a parlor maid in a huge mansion--actually, it's a castle. Does she know what she's doing? Of course not.
She has to deal with entitled aristocrats, Washington wonks, delusional dilettantes, a chauvinistic charlatan, and myriad other odd birds who dominate this new world in which Melody is a stranger.
But she's smart. She even has a PhD.
And that's important, because her new boss is an eccentric billionaire who has political plans and she's going to need to think fast in order to survive as...
The Candidate's Maid: A Spy in Stilettos
Shamelessly idolizes New York values!
— a presidential candidate not from New York
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Book Two of the series, The Colonel's Secret Service, is available for Kindle pre-order. We'll have more on that here soon.