C is for (Book) Covers

CWhoever coined the phrase, “You can’t judge a book by its cover,” was only partly right. We shouldn’t, but we all know that we do. How can we not? No, it’s not fair, but who said fair’s got anything to do with it?

As publishers, the burden is on us to come up with the cover that invites readers who actually might like the book to pick it up and check it out.

Cold Saké novelette, Kindle edition

Our first cover for our first book, Cold Sake, is, we feel, quite beautiful. But does it help potential readers judge our book accurately? The sluggish sales combined with high ratings suggest not—or at least, so we suspect.

As such, we are planning a completely different design for Kate’s mega-epic saga also set in medieval Japan, also featuring Yamabuki, the woman samurai.

Because if people are going to go ahead and judge a book by its cover anyway, then we are going to try to make covers that help them judge accurately.

Meanwhile, Bo Diddley!


Sing along now.

Yeah, you can’t judge a fish by lookin’ in the pond You can’t judge right from looking at the wrong You can’t judge one by looking at the other You can’t judge a book by looking at the cover