Cold Sake on Kindle will be free Friday and Saturday

Free Art, Photo by my dog sighs Now that the new year's underway, we're trying our first free promotion of Katherine M. Lawrence's novelette, Cold Sake, a ripping yarn that follows a 17-year-old woman samurai in ancient Japan when she decides to stay at a remote inn where ghosts and demons are rumored to torment guests. The Kindle book also has an extended excerpt from Haru, the first of a five-novel epic saga featuring the same samurai, Yamabuki, several years later.

The free promotion starts Friday, January 10th (Amazon time, which is Pacific Standard Time), and runs through Saturday. Download the Kindle book for free and tell us what you think!

Our challenge right now is getting seen, and these things take time. So if you see this, we ask you to download the free book and check it out, and if you like it, write a review!

In a few weeks, we'll be publishing Kate's next book, a novel, set in the same period, portraying events that directly lead up Haru. If you're a Japanese history buff, the events in these books take place in the years leading up to the Gempei War. Kate, who's a trained historian, has been for over a decade thoroughly researching the politics, culture, traditions, fashions and folk tales of Heian Japan. If you'd like more on that, sign up for our newsletter. (We don't spam; the newsletter is infrequent—sent when there'!) And check out Kate's blog.