Cold Heart coming January

We're pleased to announce that Katherine M. Lawrence's next installment in the Sword of the Taka Samurai series, Cold Heart, is finally coming. Readers and fans have been very patient. For that we apologize, and also wish to apologize on Katherine's behalf as well.

Know, however, that Katherine has not been idle. On the contrary. She has been diligently working on the remaining books of the series—because no book can stand on its own. And Cold Heart has grown in scope and detail. The new book is full novel length at about 80,000 words. Plus readers will discover all kinds of additional back matter—a list of characters, an expanded glossary, and further description about how the hours, solar stems, and months of the lunisolar calendar work together. Plus maps showing ancient Japan and detail on the areas where the events of the books take place.

We'll have more details soon. But first, the updated cover!

Yes, that is a new subtitle. Same ISBN, though:  978-0-9912667-7-7. Also coming on Kindle, iBooks, and other ebook platforms.

Yes, that is a new subtitle. Same ISBN, though:  978-0-9912667-7-7. Also coming on Kindle, iBooks, and other ebook platforms.

Cold Saké, first of our large-print editions

One of the demographics usually overlooked by the entertainment industry is people with disabilities. We see this in gaming, with games that challenge the hand-eye coordination of even fully able bodies. We see this in online video, where closed captioning is considered extra, not essential. And we see it in book publishing, where but a tiny fraction of books are ever released in large-print editions.

We want to change that, at least for our books, so we've started laying out large-print editions of our more popular titles.

We started with Katherine M. Lawrence's Cold Saké because it is short and, well, it was the first book we published. The large-print edition of Cold Saké is already available on Amazon and will be rolling out as available to other retailers in the coming days.

Book shipments have gone out

If you are expecting a book or books from us, we have shipped out the first batch for the month! Check your email for tracking info. (If we don't have your email, though, we can't send the tracking number to you. Contact us via our contact form to request it.) More are going out next week.

Our sincere apologies for the delay these last three weeks.

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The Colonel's Secret Service available in paperback

Currently it's available on It will be available through Barnes & Noble and your favorite booksellers in the next few days as the Ingram database propagates through the various systems. We will update the latest retailer information on the book's store page (where it is available now).

If you prefer Kindle, it's available for pre-order with release on May 25th, 2016.

New release: A Spy in Stilettos (A Comedy of Manners, Politics, and a Little Sex)

With this book by Laura Lis Scott, we add a new genre to our mix of titles: the contemporary women's political satire career novel.

Melody Baker desperately needs a job.
She gets one as a parlor maid in a huge mansion--actually, it's a castle. Does she know what she's doing? Of course not.
She has to deal with entitled aristocrats, Washington wonks, delusional dilettantes, a chauvinistic charlatan, and myriad other odd birds who dominate this new world in which Melody is a stranger.
But she's smart. She even has a PhD.
And that's important, because her new boss is an eccentric billionaire who has political plans and she's going to need to think fast in order to survive as...
The Candidate's Maid: A Spy in Stilettos
Shamelessly idolizes New York values!
— a presidential candidate not from New York
Available here from our store,
as well as from Amazon,

Barnes & Noble, and your favorite bookseller.

Book Two of the series, The Colonel's Secret Service, is available for Kindle pre-order. We'll have more on that here soon.

Heroines of Fantasy review of Cold Blood

Carlyle Clark writes:

Still, at no time was I bored or worried that major conflict would not be forthcoming, in fact the pace of the story mirrored the feel of the times, which was probably and intentional choice by the author. I can’t tell you why I believe that because it would be a spoiler. In fact, revealing any of the interesting things would be spoilers because they are all weaved together to create a strong ending in which Lawrence was deft enough to play off of reader’s expectations (and my own personal fear this story might tread down the well-worn road toward a condescending but common type of development) to create surprises toward the end which makes me confident she knew what she was doing. You don’t write an excellent story by accident.

That's just a snippet. Read the whole thing.