Photo of Tattered Cover bookstore

B is for Bookstores

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We love bookstores.

The smell.

The richness.

We browse through, hoping for discovery, open to serendipity.

What other kind of store carries so much in thought, in ideas, in story? What other sells worlds, adventures and dreams?


[Photo: The Tattered Cover bookstore, one of the best, and most successful, independent bookstores in Colorado. By wallyg (Creative Commons).]

4 thoughts on “B is for Bookstores

  1. When I was at university there was a second hand book shop in the town centre. It was an old house and every room was floor to ceiling books. There were books on shelves and piles of books on the floor. Each room was a different subject, but there wasn’t really much order to the rooms. You had to spend time just looking through everything to find what you were looking for. I could have spent days in there just smelling the books and turning the pages!

    Rebeccah Writes – A-Z 2014


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