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Katherine M. Lawrence's books bring us a fascinating samurai adventure set in 12th-century Japan, featuring a unique heroine: Taka Yamabuki, daughter of a daimyo, trained as a samurai. Yamabuki is based on a historical figure, a woman who moved in high circles and played a part in the Genpei War. Filled with adventure, meticulous detail, and magical realism, Lawrence's Yamabuki books bring alive a period of Japan that is filled with breathtaking beauty and unspeakable brutality.


Praise for Cold Blood

Daijobu! Excellent book. A must read for lovers of Samurai adventures.
— Hon Baka
Cold Blood not only shows you the beginning of Yamabuki’s story as a teenage Samurai, it also contrasts her life to that of the woman she would have been had she not opted to tread the warrior’s path. That draws out one of the best elements of historical fiction which is when it educated as well as entertains.... You don’t write an excellent story by accident. I highly recommend Cold Blood.
— Carlyle Clark, Heroines of Fantasy

Praise for Cold Rain

I’m really, really enjoying these books. The details the author is providing are just fascinating. Info about traditions, clothes, weapons, lifestyles, and more all transport me to 12th century Japan perfectly.
The story is turning out to be really excellent.
— Jay Batson
Again, Lawrence delivers a rich and satisfying tale. Hard for me to chose what I love most about her books though it is probably, her lush descriptions of setting and character. I never feel I am reading her books as much as watching a movie as the story unfolds.
— Eristic
Once this series is complete, it will rank with Buffy the Vampire Slayers seasons 8, 9, etc. as a heroic female adventure worth waiting for one installment at a time.
— Nina G. Wouk

Praise for Cold Sake

Exciting and spooky samurai story!
It’s fast-moving, the characters are convincing, and it makes medieval Japan come alive. It’s moral but not heavy-handed. A promising debut.
— Nina G. Wouk
Doubly impressive is the character Yamabuki herself, deftly crafted and executed on the page and throughout the story. Skillful, confident; full of Japanese “warrior spirit”, Yamabuki embodies much of what the original tales of samurai and the feudal era would have given her, making Lawrence’s work feel authentic.
— A. Hurst
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